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By Charl Pelti

Many assumptions (Something that is accepted as true or as certain to happen, without proof) and suppositions have been launched here and there worldwide about what is going to happen in 2012. I for one believe that nothing too spectacular is going to happen espacially because so many people expect something big!

I rather believe that we are on the entrance of a New Way to see the world that will consequently change it radically. This shift of perceptions into humanity is going very fast nowadays and one would be fool to think the world will remain the same in even 5 years from now. But I think this is not going to happen upon some external spectacular event. We got to create the New World; this spectacle has to take place inside all of us. We need to do something and connect from inside All Together as One concretely.

An Utopia will you say? But what is more utopia than this world we are trying to keep in one piece when in breaks apart everywhere! We must understand that we all live in an terrible utopia now, a world to which it is impossible to survive in a quit near future. A World of real Peace and real Love is surely NOT an utopia compare to that…

I was walking on the street going to work when this idea crossed my mind to create a Web Portal that allows people like my type to publish their inspired texts and ebooks for free on the Internet. Then, since I’m also a musician and artist, I decided to add more options allowing people to post links to their own inspired music and art on that portal. After a few research, I chose a name based on the fast growing Occupy movement (OCWS)* : Occupcore Press – Let Us Occupy Our Own Life. Beside those who Occupy places, others wish to Occupy their own Core for change.

I put straight away on the table that the basic idea of this portal is to create a network of Genuine Truth Seekers Worldwide allowing them to express their mind and heart about their Growing Inner Life, without any directly related or personal opinions on all religions and all political philosophy, even not directly related to OCWS. Not that we reject all of that, but the world heard enough about the neighbours’! For the sake of our future as a Humanity, we need to start sharing on another level concretely.

Occupcore Press is not intended to manifest in the street or to denounce the bad things in the world just for the sake of speaking about it. No text pro or con anyone, any organization or any philosophy will be posted on Occupcore Press because humanity needs to connect internally more than anything else. We must stop fighting and bullshitting one another for good! The aim here is rather to express Truth because… just look around you, that is one of the utmost priority of this era. People are trapped inside themselves, too often in an illusion of : ‘No,no, everything is fine with me (big fake smile)’. Note that I never say I’m better than anyone. I just had an idea and decided to take action upon it and I wish other people to join the idea.

You might also use the opportunity of this portal to help your career or to get experienced in the field of publishing texts and ebooks. Links to your own website or else will be allowed. Thus, none of the texts, music and art available on Occupcore Press will be sold by Occupcore Press. It’s all about Sharing and Growing. However, all writers who publishes on Occupcore Press will be keeping total ownership and responsibility of their creations and anyone using any text or part of text published on Occupcore will have to include the complete author reference. You will also be allowed to ask any of your texts or links be removed at anytime without us asking why. Most important is the way You express truth.

I humbly saw a Wave coming and decided to surf on. I invite you to join the Wave, to Surf on better Waters with awakening friends from all around the world. HELP MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!! )oooo

Charl Pelti ©2011
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*Occupcore Press has no official link of any kind with OCWS, except for the similarities in the names.